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Katherine's Tree is a ten foot high "donor tree" located at the Headquarters Library in downtown Gainesville.  It embodies Giving and Sharing.

The Tree is an etched-glass rendition of the Tree of Knowledge surrounded by an impressive oak frame and base.

Each leaf on Katherine's Tree represents an endowment gift of $2,000 or more.  Gifts may be for variety of reasons: to honor or memorialize persons, to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.  The form to make a gift is available to download here.


photo: ACLD, S. Sterling, with permission

Katherine's Tree is named for Katherine Ann Tubb (1976 - 1991), a young woman who, during her brief life, was an avid reader and library user.  Katherine Ann Tubb was the daughter of Gainesville residents, George and Marilyn Tubb.  The Friends of the Library erected the Tree in 1995, and continues to place leaves on it to honor or remember its members for their work on behalf of the library.  Other leaves honor ACLD Staff, or ACLD Directors upon their retirement.  Since 2007, the Kosman Foundation has funded the annual Guy Hudspeth Library Award, named for the former Archer Branch Library Manager, to recognize outstanding service by staff members.  Many individuals in the community have also given leaves.

There are many benefits of giving, both tangible and intangible, including:

Publicly displaying your own and/or honoree's support for the ACLD.


Tax deductions.


Reduction (or elimination of) capital gains taxes.


Investment in the long-term stability of the library.


Satisfaction of helping future generations of Alachua County citizens.

On March 11, 2018 at its Fifth Annual Katherine's Tree Reception, the Foundation recognized Erin Phemester, Senior Library Manager of the Youth Services Department, as the 2017 recipient of the annual Guy Hudspeth Award by placing a leaf on Katherine’s Tree in her honor as has been done for the previous ten annual Hudspeth Award winners.  Two other leaves honored the exceptional volunteer work of Bill Watson and, jointly, Tom and Mary Evans for the Friends of the Library.  Dr. Heather Harrell gave a leaf in memory of her grandmother, Martha Whitehead, and Bill Watson did also in memory of his mother, Georgia B. Watson.  Ken Wagener received a leaf in honor of his 71st birthday, and Rob and Carol Ann Oglesby had a leaf placed on the tree to reflect their support of the library.